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Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile Ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that are bonded directly to the teeth. ____ Needs: 1- Change the color of teeth that do not respond well to whitening procedures.


Root Canal Treatment is a procedure that dentists do when the tooth pulp is exposed due to decay, infection or a trauma. In this procedure the tooth pulp and nerve are removed and the tooth is cleaned from the inside very well and sealed afterwards.

Dental Implants

Teeth implant is considered the best way to compensate a missing or extracted tooth. The implant surgery is adding an artificial root made of nickel-titanium in the jaw bones. The implant is characterized by its strength, providing a success rate of nearly 99%. No jaw damage


The veneer is a thin crust of porcelain that is less than half mm and is equivalent to the outer crust strength of the teeth. The lumineer is a 0.3 mm porcelain length. The veneer and the lumineer are the fastest way to achieve a permanent perfect smile as they don’t change color even with smoking


Orthodontics is of great importance in adjusting jaw problems and eliminating spaces and spaces between the teeth, open biceps, biceps and other problems that can not be resolved


Fixed dental prosthesis like bridges, crowns or veneers are used to restore missing teeth or to protect an existing one. Dental prosthesis are made of porcelain or zirconia and are indicated in one or more of the following: Decay in one tooth or more


Scaling and Polishing is a dental process that involves two procedures: Scaling: a procedure that involves cleaning of teeth and gums and removal of calculus, plaque and dental debris from the surfaces of the teeth and roots Polishing